Hello and welcome to Matt Hanson Racing!  My name is Lukus Klawitter M.S., I was born and raised in Hutchinson Minnesota, which is exactly 15 miles south of the World’s Largest Ball of Twine (as my bike pedals). I am a Sport Science Professor, Matt Hanson Racing Coach, XTERRA triathlete, and endurance mtn racer. I currently live in Southern Colorado, have a dog named Minnie (named after Minnesota), am a coffee enthusiast, beer aficionado, and enjoy plant based nutrition.  I have a deep passion for understanding how the human body works under stress, specifically endurance sports, and how we can better it (see Bio under coaching tab for more information about my coaching). The goal of this blog is to talk and discuss evidence based training and nutrition research, how to understand it, and how to apply it in our everyday lives. Also, to answer any questions that you (any of the readers) have on training ideas, techniques, nutrition, etc.  Questions can be submitted via my Instagram direct messenger under the handle @lukusk, or through my coaching e-mail

I also plan to post nutrient dense recipes for fueling training and or recovering from training on a monthly basis.  SO, if there is any specific ingredients or cooking techniques you are curious about let me know!

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