Liz Baugher

Professional Triathlete and Certified Triathlon, Running, and Cycling Coach, Retul Certified
Liz grew up playing soccer, swimming and running. Her love for endurance sports brought her into the triathlon world and she has been coaching endurance sports since 2010.
Liz has coached a wide range of athletes ranging from single sport swimmers and runners, to elite level triathletes. In addition to triathletes, Liz has spent a year coaching with local para-athletes as well as the Texas A&M triathlon team which went onto a top 3 National title in 2015. Liz is USAT L1 certified, RETUL certified, ACE PT, USASwimming and USACycling certified, and offers both 1v1 sessions as well as personal multisport or single sport training.



USAT L1 Triathlon Coach
ACE Personal Training
USA Swimming
USA Cycling